Other Contact Details:

Postal Address:

PO Box 1006,

Townsville, Qld 4810

Office Address:

Townsville Civic Theatre,

41 Boundary Street,

Townsville, Qld 4810

Please make an appointment before visiting the office, as we cannot guarantee that we will be in attendance.

The Townsville Community Music Centre is dedicated to supporting initiatives that promote positive cultural and artistic outcomes in Townsville and the surrounding areas.

The Civic Theatre is heavily booked, often by productions that don’t need a 1000 seat theatre but there is no medium sized venue. Riverway seats 300 but is a multi-use space (not a theatre). There is no modern small theatre and no venue at all that has suitable acoustics for music or voice.

The only practical and cost effective solution is to build on the asset we have – the Townsville Civic Theatre and its recent extension. By creating the medium sized theatre in a concert hall format, we can also provide the right acoustics for music and voice and have a large stage for dance.

With shared facilities, equipment, and staff, the TPAC would be cheaper to build, much cheaper to operate, and would serve Townsville’s performing arts needs for decades to come.

To view the TPAC concept, visit www.tpac.net.au or click on the TPAC logo above.

Simon McConnel's response to the "Bott Report" can be downloaded by clicking HERE.