The Townsville Community Music Centre was established in 1983 with the aim of fostering music in Townsville. In the beginning the focus was on promoting private music tuition and music education in schools. This battle was won many years ago and the focus has moved towards general assistance to local musicians, both amateur and professional.

Currently, typical activities include hosting concerts and workshops, assisting musicians and other music organisations in promotions, communication, and funding, and acting as local agents for visiting professionals. Many of these activities simply would not happen without the support of the Music Centre.

The Music Centre is a not-for-profit organisation, employs a part-time manager, and is based at its office at the Civic Theatre, Boundary Street, South Townsville.

Townsville Community Music Centre

The Townsville Community Music Centre presents concerts and workshops throughout the year, in a diverse range of genres including classical, jazz, folk, blues, world and contemporary music, featuring touring artists, locally-based professionals, and emerging artists.

Townsville City Council

The Council's Partnerships and Sponsorships scheme provides vital core funding which enables us to maintain the administrative base for all our other activities, and also provides the premises which house our office space. We are deeply grateful to the council for their ongoing support.